Responsive themes galore here!

Hi all!

Some kind fella went to the trouble of scoping out a bunch of free and premium responsive themes, so I figured I'd post a heads-up to his post:

10 are free, but most of them are rather skeletal, except iTheme2 by Themify (nice!) and a Responsive TwentyTen theme. The rest are premium themes from Themeforest and Themefortress.

Enjoy! :o)

Disclaimer - The fella noted above posted a disclaimer to the effect that he gets a commission from some of the affiliate links on his page.
Um... I don't :o)

  • aecnu

    Greetings pcwriter,

    Thank you for pointing this out but let me give everyone interested a wake-up call, responsive themes does not mean they are responsive to plugins and coding, they are referring to web access i.e. browsers, iphone, etc.

    With that said I refer to the comment that Joyw made on this very article that pcwriter refers too and an excerpt from it:

    I have found that customizing themes that offer a high degree of theme level appearance/functionality settings (“you can make your site without knowing any code!!”) can be a real bummer when customizing code-side

    Keep that in mind when selecting any theme for your site that you think you will want to change things and incorporate plugins into, you may be biting off far more then you can chew.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Patrick


    responsive themes does not mean they are responsive to plugins and coding

    Excellent caveat! Thanks for pointing out what might not be clear to some.

    For those of us who like to muck around with code/templates and customize the heck out of things, well, we stick our noses in and sometimes they come out a bit bloody. But we can then usually push back in to track down where we screwed things up.

    So, if you do opt for any theme with "a high degree of theme level appearance/functionality settings" in the backend, be aware that "experimenting" code-side can definitely screw things up in the theme settings!


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