Restart - Blogs MU Theme hiding BuddyPress profile checkbox group label on even numbered positions

David asked me to restart this thread. Old thread was here:

I've run across a fairly specific problem in the Blogs MU Theme.

Given a set of BuddyPress profile questions, the label for a checkbox group is hidden, but only when the position for the group is at even number.

In other words, if the checkbox group is the very first question all is fine. If I move the group down one to be the second question, the label is hidden.

Using Firebug I uncovered the reason. It seems that even numbered profile questions have the class "alt" added to the encompassing <div>. For checkbox groups, the label is embedded in a <span> instead of the <label> used for other field types.

In base.css there is the style specification:
.alt span {color: #f9f9f9;}

This specification matches the checkbox group when positioned within a div that contains the "alt" class (even numbered profile positions). This light color can't be seen against the default white background.

- Scott