Restart - Easy Blogging Wizard with Internet Explorer 8

David asked me to restart this thread. Old thread was here:

Note: This problem is still there even with beta version of related plugin (Easy Blogging) and WP3.1.

I was just testing out the Easy Blogging Wizard with different browsers. With Internet Explorer 8 (Firefox was fine), I saw a problem:

Enter the Quick Start Guide
Step 1 Choose a theme
Clicked button "Click here to continue to step 2"

On this page where I tried to start entering a title for a post, Internet Explorer kept reloading the page continuously which prevented me from entering any characters.

I clicked to Step 1 at this point and all settled down. When I clicked to Step 2 again, the same thing happened again.

Note: Once I left the Startup Guide, I didn't see any way to restart it. The only way to apparently recreate the scenario in the future is to create a new user.

- Scott

  • DavidM
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    Hi Scott,

    Just to be sure I do have this one point understood, this issue is only prevalent in IE 8, correct? As far as you know it is distinctly an issue within IE 8 and no other browser?

    Just want to make sure to look for that in testing.


  • DavidM
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    Hello Scott,

    Sorry for the delay on this one. You can retest the wizard with the following url.

    It was actually found by the member in the following thread in case you wish to add some rep points to his name like I did! :slight_smile:

    And on that note, I retested it a few times in IE 8 here on Windows 7 with the latest version of Easy Blogging and Easy Blogging Wizard and I could not replicate that particular issue. I really am not sure why it wouldn't replicate here as opposed to your machine though.

    If someone else could replicate the issue in IE 8 that would be great. I went through it a few times to be thorough. I'm at a loss for why the error wouldn't occur here.


  • DavidM
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    Heya Scott, as I haven't had that IE issue with the latest versions of everything, I'm assuming this one is resolved. Please let me know if you do still have any issues with it though and we can go ahead and see how we can get it resolved from there. Thanks for your patience through all the testing.

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