Restart – Easy Blogging Wizard with Internet Explorer 8

David asked me to restart this thread. Old thread was here:

Note: This problem is still there even with beta version of related plugin (Easy Blogging) and WP3.1.

I was just testing out the Easy Blogging Wizard with different browsers. With Internet Explorer 8 (Firefox was fine), I saw a problem:

Enter the Quick Start Guide

Step 1 Choose a theme

Clicked button “Click here to continue to step 2”

On this page where I tried to start entering a title for a post, Internet Explorer kept reloading the page continuously which prevented me from entering any characters.

I clicked to Step 1 at this point and all settled down. When I clicked to Step 2 again, the same thing happened again.

Note: Once I left the Startup Guide, I didn’t see any way to restart it. The only way to apparently recreate the scenario in the future is to create a new user.

– Scott