restore plugin settings

Hi, Happy New Year. I've had a series of failures, which I believe is requiring me to restore a backup but I want to make sure.
First, I use an old (not updated) plugin called add-local-avatar (Peter Sterling). Essentially, it maps the path for user avatars to a specified file directory on my wp installation.
Second, my website is hosted at KYUP. I use a DirectAdmin CP. I have for security and backups. I have SeeksAdmin as an outsourced server administration service. and I have you guys.
Third, on Saturday, my website went offline. I tried to contact SeeksAdmin but my account was erased (even though charged me the monthly fee that same day). I couldn't get through. I also couldn't get into my CP (now resolved - turns out the firewall had my IP address blacklisted) nor could I reach the server via SSH (still can't). So lacking all other options, I rebooted my container (despite the data corruption warning) at KYUP.
Fourth, my website came back up but some time later I noticed that all the user avatars were missing or replaced by gravatars. I checked around and noticed that all / or most of the avatar mapping in the plugin had been wiped out. That's about 5 years of mapping.
Fifth, I tried to get my backups from Sucuri but they had some sort of glitch - "known bug" - and it was missing. After some discussion, it turns out they can come up with my backup from 12/31. They send me the file / total website backup but I'm still waiting for them to send me my db backup.
My Question: Is a backup restoration my only option to recover the plugin settings. Are these settings stored in a plugin file or in the db? What's the best way to get my site back to the way it was?