restoring backups

Hello! Super Smush was too much for my blog, and I stupidly did not have the backup original box checked. So, I am needing to restore from my Updraft Backup, and wanted to check make sure I am about to do this all correctly. is my site. The blog is what I need to restore. I have granted support.

From what I understand from reading your articles, I am going to restore only the uploads. I am with bluehost, so should do the backup manually or is it best to use the “restore” option (800mb + 332mb in size). After this, will the blog images be restored? Or will I need to re-link the images?

It looks like you suggest using the add from server plugin to get the images into the media library? Is this step needed? Or only if I did not have the proper backup?

Thank you SO much for your guidance. I am terrified that I am about to do something equally as dumb and cause a whole lot of headache.