Restoring from snapshot when database has been deleted

I inadvertently deleted my website's database. Is there a way I can still restore from snapshot? When I try to find my backup in the WPMUDEV dashboard it shows that there are no backups available. I'm hoping that there is some way for you to find the backups within your system.

Thank you in advance for you help,

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Lance,

    Sorry to hear that happened to you :slight_frown:

    Did you had managed backups enabled with your Snapshot plugins, if you had then your backups should be showing inside HUB if you go to and check backups tab.

    If you used regular snapshots you should check wp-content/uploads/snapshots/ folder and see if there are any backups in there, or if you used external storage as dropbox or similar check for the backups there.

    Let us know if you managed to find any and if it's managed backup or regular snapshot so we can assist you further with restoring it.

    Best regards,

  • Lance

    I had setup managed backups, but they aren't showing in the HUB. I can't access wp-content/uploads/snapshots/ folder since the database was accidentally deleted. And I didn't use any external storage. So do the HUB backups get deleted when the database was accidentally deleted on my server? Is there any way for you guys to recover the HUB backups? If you can't find any for then see if you have any for as that was where it was installed prior to going live at

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Lance!

    The "wp-content/uploads/snapshots" is a folder on a server disks so if you only deleted database it wouldn't be removed and you should be able to access it using FTP or cPanel's "File Manager" tool. If you can't access it, maybe there was something more deleted than just a database - entire WP install perhaps?

    As for the HUB, deleting files or database on your server also should not affect backups stored in our cloud - in your Hub. They are there just for that purpose: if you need to restore the site.

    Are you sure that Managed Backups were enabled for your site at all? Installing the snapshot plugin does not automatically set them up and since you cannot find any backups there that would mean that the Managed Backups feature was not enabled and scheduled at all or it wasn't running properly. That said, can you confirm that you did enable Managed Backups schedule for that site at all?

    Also, the "" site seems to be up and running currently - which should not be happening if there was no database - so can you please tell me how did you get it to run again?

    I have also asked are developers if they could check if there are/were any backups pushed to our cloud from your site so I"ll let you know here when I get a replay.

    Best regards,

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