Restoring site with snapshot problems

I have been playing with a few things with hummingbird, and I crashed my website... Luckily my Managed WordPress Hosting at GoDaddy backup up my website last night, however I made some massive changes finishing my website today and the backup was before then.

I did make 2 backups today with the snapshot plugin with all of my new edits, and after successfully restoring my godaddy backup decided to restore my website via the Managed Backup service with Snapshot Pro.

Apparently I cannot restore my site because my PHP execution time is 30 seconds and it needs to be a minimum of 150 seconds to restore properly. I tried to rectify this by editing my htaccess file, wp-config.php, and by adding a php.ini file to my wp-admin folder, and all of these options either broke my site or had no effect.

I tried to ignore the warnings and proceed anyway but it just seemed to continue trying for like 3 hours and I assumed it didnt work. Also I got this message which seemed less important
Are we running the latest stable WordPress version?"

Please help, I have the backups made I just cant seem to get this baby restored :slight_frown: