Restoring subsites from Snapshot

If you look up my recent posts you will see that i have been struggling with serious issues with my multisite for the past week. So last night i decided to just fresh, i made a backup and then wiped all my files.

First i installed wp 2.4 because that matched the wp version of the last good snapshot for the root domain.
Then i activated multisite.
Then wpmudev dashboard.
Installed snapshot plugin.
Restored root domain snapshot, all tables.

At this point everything seemed to work great, users were all imported, so i created a full backup, lets call it Fresh Restore.

This is where it goes downhill. My subsite snapshots matched wp 4.3 so i installed that next.
Then i restored the subsite snapshots included all tables becuase i wanted my users to be re-associated with their respective subsites. But that didnt work and im, here to ask:

How do i restore the subsite users? I will grant access for you to look.