Restrict Blog Registration by Membership Level?

We want to restrict the ability to register a site/blog through the membership process. In other words, only paid members would be allowed to set up a site/blog. It's not one of the options on the drag-and-drop menu in the configuration dashboard. Is there a way for us to add it?

Many thanks!

  • Renaissance Media
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    We decided that we would manually establish blogs as members paid for them. Notification would come from Paypal with their names. Our standard blog name is "/YOURSURNAME_Family". In the event of duplicate surnames, we'll add initials or given names.

    It's not very sophisticated, but it will work for us for now. Maybe later the membership plugin will include that functionality natively.

    I am encountering some other problems with the levels/subscriptions activation not toggling. I opened another thread on that.



  • bunnyfit
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    I'm really interested in having this as a possible feature as well. I want to allow a basic level to register for my site and have access to BuddyPress, a gold level to have access to BuddyPress & a blog, then a platinum level to have access to BuddyPress, a blog and extra themes, plugins, etc via supporter. But everyone should be able to read blogs regardless of what level membership they have.

    Also, would it be possible with the membership plugin to have separate registration forms depending on membership level? For example, a personal member would fill out a registration form with one set of questions, and a professional member would complete a lengthier form with more questions? I know I can work around it by making questions optional, but I think it'd be easier for a basic level member if they never had to see a lengthy form.

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