Restricted categories still showing on post excerpt section

Hi, in Membership ( free) I restricted user to see only the categories assigned to them, I have a section where I load all the posts' excerpts and the user logged in were able, with Membership rules, to see only the post with the category assigned to them, and the others were hidden.
Today we bought the Premium ( because we needed more access level, with the same setup I can't get the excerpts with different category to be hidden, all I get are all the post excerpts, the only restriction I get is if the user click on a post with different category the protected content page show up.

So my question is, there is a way in the premium membership to get the same result of the free one ? Where post with different categories are hidden if you don't have the permission to read it ?

I tried to do a clean install of the plugin after dropping the DB's tables but that didn't change the problem.

Sorry in advance for english mistakes, I hope I've explained well my problem.