Restricting Access to Member Profile

Hi, i'm so close to getting this website finished but have a few issues remaining.. Basically I am using Wordpress/Buddypress/WPMU/rtMedia together, to create a membership website with a bit of a twist.

It would help if you could visit as i explain where it's at.

A user would go to that website and click on REGISTER

They would:

- upload an Avatar (how do I make this compulsory?)
- enter username
- enter email address
- enter password (x2)
- enter their Name under Profile Details

When submitted, they are sent an email with a link to Activate their account. Once they do this they can log in.

Once logged in they can edit their profile where many other questions are presented which further populates their profile.

All of this is working well. So far.

Then they can click on their profile and upload photos etc.

I noticed that these individual member profiles, when I have ran tests, are accessible by anyone where as I want them restricted to that user only (as well as the ADMIN - IMPORTANT).

I know I had more questions but i'm so stressed I have forgotten them but I guess for now that one is very important if you could help please.