Restricting different BBpress forums to different membership levels

I have two levels of paid access - level 1 & level 2. I also have a visitor level for non-members.

Using URL groups it is easy to stop the visitors from seeing the forums as the prefix forums is always present in the URL.

Likewise I can stop a level1 member from seeing the forum index (ie it's archive) page that is for level2 members only.

However, I cannot seem to have forum topics that are visible to the level2 members and protected from level1 members.

How can I can I achieve this?

Many thanks

  • Alexander
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    Hi @ChrisMc,

    Good to hear you got URL groups working ok. As for the other issue, I have some ideas, but I'm not exactly sure if they'll work just yet. Let me do some testing to see if this is possible and I'll get back to you.

    Best regards, Alexander Rohmann

  • Alexander
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    Hey there @ChrisMc,

    I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I've looked into this, a couple times actually because I was hoping to have missed something the first time around. It turns out there really isn't an easy way to do this. The main problem is that bbPress doesn't include the forum name in the permalink as I'm sure you've noticed. I've looked around and can't even find a solution to that issue.

    Would a code based solution be ok? It would take some more time, but there might be a way to hook into bbPress while a topic is loading and check the user's membership level. I'd be willing to pursue this if you're ok with adding extra code.

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
    Best regards,

  • ChrisMc
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    I would be happy trying a code based solution, yes.

    I could achieve a similar result by using BuddyPress or using wpmu forums. However, I wanted to use BBPress as the functionality and extensibility is greater than the wpmu forums and I wanted to avoid BuddyPress as it adds a layer of complexity that I was hoping to avoid (esp for these particular users).

    So yes I would be happy try a code based solution - I assume it's something that would be added as a custom function and not require hacking a plugin.

    Many thanks again


  • Alexander
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    Hey @ChrisMc,

    I've spent some time looking into this and I couldn't come up with anything simple to pull this off. I was going to recommend using BuddyPress, but understand your point regarding the complexity.

    Sorry I couldn't find anything else! If you have any other thoughts on the matter you'd like to discuss I'm open to hear them.

    Best regards,

  • ChrisMc
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    Thanks for looking into this. I'll manage to get where I want, maybe with another forum solution than BBpress.

    Maybe getting your Membership to deal with BBpress would be something to flag up for the plugin developers.

    There is a membership plugin that does have a BBPress restrict content addon -

    I may use that one, not sure yet.

    Many thanks


  • Alexander
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    Hi again Chris,

    It certainly would be a good feature. I'll be sure to mention it. As for that other plugin, it doesn't specifically say it blocks topics that are in a forum. It looks like it blocks topics and forums, but it doesn't say blocking a forum automatically blocks the topics inside. Might be worth touching base with the plugin author about. Pippin's a pretty nice guy, I've spoken with him before.

    Other than that, it looks nice for that feature.

    Best regards

  • Patts
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    Hi @ChrisMc...I found away around this (more of a bandaid solution until bbpress gets into Membership). It may not be the right way but it does function.

    1) I create a private Buddypress Group
    2) I attached a BBpress forum to that specific group
    3) It no longer showed up on my forum page (because it is a private group)


    4) Then excluded the group from level 1 membership just in case.
    This action took that private group, out of the buddypress groups widget.

    Those who are in the private group can access their forums from the <My Forums> buddypress profile menu.

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