Reusing shortcode attributes

I'm trying to reuse the attributes passed to a function to handle a shortcode.

The code is similar to this:

$settings = shortcode_atts(array(
	"type" => 'as3',
	"width" => get_option($plugin_abv."-var5"),
	"height" => get_option($plugin_abv."-var6")
	), $atts);

use extract($settings); and the rest of the code runs fine. Latter, I want to pass the $settings variable to a function which I do as follows: getFlashPlayerCode($settings, $content)

Here's the start of the code for the getFlashPlayerCode function:

function getFlashPlayerCode($atts, $content)
	$video = generateGuid();

When the code runs, all the variable are correctly extracted from $settings for the initial code, but they are blank when $settings is passed to the getFlashPlayerCode function.

Does calling extract clear the $settings array? Any idea why this code doesn't work?