Revisiting Domain Mapping with HTTPS and UPFRONT BUG

Hate RE-POSTING THIS ISSUE, but I'd REALLY like the domain mapping developer and upfront editor to there is a major bug and hasn't been addressed.


https forced for admin pages that include wp-admin
Visit a mapped domain with upfront theme ie
There will be some path errors because https is not set up for the mapped domain.


instead of referencing:

it should be referencing:

THIS IS A BUG...don't know how you guys aren't testing for this.

SO...anybody who has https enabled for all wp-admin references will see this.

MY WORK AROUND for this bad code is here:

classes/class.domainmap.php around line 150:

if ( !is_admin() ) {
                                                // swap the original url with the mapped one
                                                //$admin_url = str_replace( $orig_url, $mapped_url, $admin_url );
                                                // ben
                                                $admin_url = str_replace( $mapped_url, $orig_url, $admin_url );
                                                $admin_url = set_url_scheme($admin_url, self::utils()->get_admin_scheme( $admin_url ) );

Would really like some people it sucks to find these bugs in what should be the normal testing setup:

https on the network domain
forcing https on wp-admin calls

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE forward this to the developer(s) so he can address it asap.

cheers mate!