Right Clicking Downloads Images

I upgraded to the latest version of Marketpress. When I go to my products page, click on an image, I get both a thumbnail and a large image of the product. If I click on the large image, a new window opens with a smaller version of the image. If I click on that image, a large image opens and I can right click and copy it.

Under the Store Settings - Presentation - page, I have the following settings:

Products image size - Thumbnail
Show Image Lightbox - No
Disable Large Image display - Yes
Product Thumbnail Size - Medium

Why is right click enabled when I have it set to off in my theme settings, I.E.,

"Full Site Right Click Protection


Note: Galleries are right click protected by default. This setting will disable right clicking on the entire website."

Please fix this security issue or tell me how to set it so that MarketPress does not override my theme settings.