Right Now Dashboard Widget - Editor, Modifier & Enhancer!

I am playing with the Ultimate Branding and Easy Blogging plugins.

When you strip the dashboard down to the basics and leave the Right Now Dashboard Widget it still has branding and information the user does not need to know.

I found others commenting on this here at wpmudev.




There are some non wpmudev plugins out there to manage this. Of course it would far be better if it were part of the Ultimate Branding plugin. Or a RIght now specific plugin if it were to be used to also add additional optional features to the Right Now Dashboard Widget.

With a solution for wpmudev we would could all feel more comfortable knowing that it will keep working with future WP updates, and not conflict with other wpmudev plugins.

Of course it needs to work with the Easy Blogging plugin too. Because it would be part of simplifying the user experience.

Here is a plugin that modifies the Right Now Dashboard Widget. It remove the WordPress version but only for contributors, and it does not remove the theme being used.


Here is another one that enhances the Right Now Dashboard Widget but does not remove the WordPress Version branding, or the Theme in use:


I think others also wanting a simple, completely unbranded Dashboard would be thrilled to have this feature added to the Ultimate Branding plugin.