Right to Left deployment


I am trying to make a test implementation of CoursePress Pro in Arabic (over a WP arabic deployment) and would appreciate your help with the following:

1) Forcing interface elements to become Right to Left

2) Directing me to how I can change the CoursePress Pro default labels to Arabic

I had seen a post from 2015 of a developer who had issues with his arabic/hebrew deployment and support staff Vinod advised him to use the following plugin to solve point (1) above, but I could not understand where to insert this code. The following code was provided by Vinod as means to fix this issue.

add_action(‘admin_head’, ‘my_custom_admin_css’:wink:;

function my_custom_admin_css() {

echo ‘<style>

html[dir=”rtl”] .chosen-container .chosen-drop {

right: -9999px;

left: auto;


html[dir=”rtl”] .chosen-container.chosen-with-drop .chosen-drop{

right: 0;


html[dir=”rtl”] .unit-details .unit-control-buttons .button.button-preview,

html[dir=”rtl”] .unit-control-buttons .button-units.save-unit-button {

width: auto !important;

display: block !important;

float: right;

margin-right: 10px;


html[dir=”rtl”] body.wp-admin #unit-pages .module-title span.h3-label-right {

position: relative;


html[dir=”rtl”] body.wp-admin #unit-pages .module-title span.h3-label-left {

display: none;




Thank you


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Merv,

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    The first thing that I think you would want to take care of would be a theme that fully supports RTL. Often this is mentioned in theme description or you can search through themes in wp.org theme repository and there should be a filter to show RTL compatible themes, I think.

    Then, there’s an Arabic translation for CoursePress that you should start with. You’ll find translation files here:


    To use these files, use “export” form at the bottom of the page and export both .po and .mo file and then upload them to the “/wp-content/languages/plugins” folder of your site. If your WP language is set to Arabic that – together with a theme – should mostly handle it.

    Let me know about results please.

    Best regards,


  • Merv
    • Flash Drive


    I have tested the Arabic, and as promised I am getting back to you (if not for more questions I’m afraid !).

    I have successfully uploaded them on the server and the headings in Arabic appear for most items so far except for the “About this course” heading which is part of the “Course Details” page. Can you please instruct me on how I could possibly specify the localised words in the uploaded files (I tried opening them with Notepad (with UTF enabled) and Wordpad but the Arabic appears as Gibirish characters and I wonder if there is some other editor I should be using).

    I am testing both English and Arabic deployments hoping to present the client with a good solution for his requirements. Could you also please recommend a Subscription Management / Membership Management plugins from wpmudev that would work well with CoursePress Pro.

    Thank you


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Marwan!

    All the translations of our plugins are “community powered” and I just checked and see that Arabic is 32% complete. I should have mention that before, I’m sorry.

    The way to update those “not yet translated” strings it to either do this directly on a translation page (the one where you downloaded translation files from) and that way you could contribute to the translation. After adding translated strings, you would however need to download translation files again.

    Another option is to use PoEdit program. Please check this article on our blog for more detailed information on how to work with translations:


    Could you also please recommend a Subscription Management / Membership Management plugins from wpmudev that would work well with CoursePress Pro.

    Please check out “Membership 2 Pro” plugin. It’s an advanced membership solution. You’ll find it here:


    Best regards,


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