Rolling back multi-db to single DB

We've written a script to effectively reunite the databases (as they would have been w/o multi-db deployed). This seemingly works fine.

However, there's no documentation as to what needs to be done to the WPMU configuration files (which ones, where, how) to complete the reunification and eliminate multi-db from the equation.

I believe we're on WPMU 2.6.1 at the moment.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya techbroker,

    For future reference, it's better to open a new thread for inquiries such as this. We sometimes miss these older threads :slight_smile:

    That being said I know of no way to re-unite the databases, but I'll ask a couple developers to come by and see if they've got some tips for you.


  • Barry
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    @tech broker - you need to export all the databases in SQL format. If using phpmyadmin then you can use the export page.

    One you have the SQL for each database, create a new blank database and import the SQL files one at a time. Finally set the options in wp-config.php to point to the new single database and delete the db.php file from your wp-content directory.

    You should now be running on a single database.

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