Rookie chat question or not?

So I've installed the Chat Plugin for the first time on multisite and I have the pages with chat and corner chat working.

I changed the login options and I was able to allow a network user to open and post to the chat window..... so I think all is working fine.

What I can't find is where is the master dashboard or control panel for chat? How do I answer the people who are chatting?

I imagined this was a way to support all your multisite users. If they had a question they could chat and if you were online reply. If you weren't online it would say sorry..

Am I missing an obvious setting or dashboard somewhere?

  • DavidM

    Hi bobrandklev,

    The bottom corner chat can be handy for support for sure, though it doesn't include that type of site-wide functionality where the chat session is shared across the multisite. They can be shared across single sites though, which might provide a selling point for your multisite users as they could potentially provide their own support or pre-sale chat on your site.

    To answer people that are chatting you can simply type your message in the text box and press Enter. Regarding a master dashboard, there's the settings area for the chat in your admin area.

    It may be possible with a bit of coding to have it notify chatters that you're not available. Though it might be simpler to just activate or deactivate the plugin as you're available/unavailable to achieve that effect.

    Also, if you haven't seen them already, there are a number of support chats available here using the Chat plugin. Might help you to get an idea for what's possible with it.