Round Table Chat Regarding Zurb's Foundation 4

Irony of ironies. I missed the closed launch event for Zurb’s Foundation 4 in Mountain View because I had to finish working on a Foundation 3 comp for a client. Sigh…

Anyhow, I’m posting this here in case any serious theme builders want to chat about integration Foundation 4 into WordPress. They seem to have gone pretty heavy into using their TopBar, which is sort of like a responsive Uber Menu on steroids. If you want to integrate it, forget about it. Nav walkers aren’t flexible enough – it’ll have to be a serious plugin.

Still, If anyone else is updating their Foundation frameworks to 4 in the next few weeks, post here if you want to talk about it. Zurb has seriously leapfrogged the heck out of Twitter Bootstrap this time.

I was kind of… ok no really surprised… when they didn’t build their responsive table code into the new release: