route emails and front end support for "support system" plugin ?


I would like to suggest/request two features for your "support system" plugin.

To me this plugin is as powerful as it is simple and thats why I like it.
So for the many(like myself) that cannot deal with the steep learning curve, cost and maintenance of WHMCS this plugin is the only/best solution in my humble opinion.
But it seems apparent to me that a lot of your (wpmuDEV) plugins are purposely designed to be used in the dashboard which does not always make sense to me.
- New and novice users learn quicker and get less confused with the least options in the dashboard ;
"easy blogging", "ultimate branding" etc.
- a CMS dashboard should be used(for novice/newer users) to manage the content of the site, and not everything else including the kitchen sink.
- problem is the developers making the plugins fall into the "everything including the kitchen sink" in the dashboard lovers category. And I admit, as I get more experience I want my kitchen sink in there to. But that would be selfish and insensitive to others(novice/newer users/customers/clients)

Obviously this is a debate that can go on forever, but i just threw in my 2cents to hopefully add some weight to my first request;

1 - option to have "superadmin" provide "support system" in dashboard or front end of site.

WHMCS has a nice feature that allows email piping to automatically route all incoming emails into the ticket desk supporting both new emails & replies.

No problem in having the tickets(and kitchen sink) sent to the superadmin's dashboard but how about the following ?

2 - option to allow a specific email or emails used by client/customer (eg. and to be automatically sent to the "support system"

if the "support system" is on the front end then a form would already be available obviously, but if the user decides to send an email instead (because everyone has and uses email), then the superadmin can enjoy his tickets (and kitchen sink) in the dashboard even when sent from emails.

Your kind assistance/feedback in this would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,