RSS feed items displayed multiple times

There are RSS feeds fetched up and displayed on site using RSS Multi Importer plugin. Feeds are displayed using shortcodes but they are being fetched by the plugin first and saved to the database.

On this page (and some other too, that's a test page) feed items are displayed 3 times. If you check "Feed Items" page in plugin conflict you'll find out that e.g. for "German" or "Bomb" phrases it finds the same feed items fetched twice (which is already wrong) but still - they're displayed 3 times on the page.

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Toni,

    Hope all is well :slight_smile:

    I had a look at your site based on the Adam chat notes and but I'm afraid that I couldn't find any info on why this could be happening.

    It's quite possible that the issue is that the plugin is no longer compatible with latest version of WordPress since the last update was so long ago and that the plugin is completely removed from repository.

    Using outdated and non-supported plugins is not a good idea and could be a security risk so I would strongly suggest finding an alternative instead of trying to fix current one.

    Best regards,

    • Toni Hoskin

      Hi. You are correct about using old and not maintained plugins. I made a mistake, I have used it for so long I forgot about its status. It works on my other sites and in the same MultiSite so I left it alone until I could find a replacement. I got it confused in my mind with another different long-used plugin where the dev left and came back to it - and started using it again. I also hung on to it with a fantasy that either I or a bribed dev could maintain it...tho I have no money nor skills of any kind.

      That said, another plugin that I have used for several years and still on several sites, Link Library, the shortcode is not working properly in the same site. I get a message where links should be listed that says, "no links found" below the hard coded links on I have never had issues with it before. I hesitate to address the dev because it works in my other sites. I thought it could be related to the rss import issue in that something seems fundamentally wrong.

      Last week, I deleted the entire subsite, installed a new one, and imported content onto that new subsite install - the current one. Yet problems persist. Maybe there is something in the imported content? Some setting or code?

      Maybe I will delete site again and only import posts, media, and pages?


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Toni,

    Some plugins do continue to work years after their development is stopped but you never know which WP or PHP update will stop it from working and then you need to switch everything to new plugin asap.
    So if you do have such plugins it's usually best looking for a viable replacement while things are still working.

    Are the affected shortcodes all from RSS plugins or other plugins that use shortcodes are affected as well?

    Best regards,

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