Rss Feed not showing content

hi, i just installed the pluggin and the Rss feeds that is posted on my website are just titles and no content. is this what i am suppose to get or is this a problem? please advice what to do and if possible help me with it

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Paul

    Which plugin do you mean here? Do you mean autoblog plugin? If so, would you please visit the rss link in the browser and see if you see the content? You can share the rss link here, then we can check too.

    Please note, autoblog just imports content from rss feed, not from the website. So, if there is no content in the rss feed, autoblog can't import.

    Let us know how it goes. Have a nice day!


    • Paul
      • WPMU DEV Initiate

      Hey Ash,
      i have actually tried several times to use the autoblog to post from some news sites to my website but all i get posted on my website is headlines/title and no story content.this was the rss link used do you have any suggestion on how to get rss feeds that will actually post content on my website. i dont have much content yet but i desire that visitors have something to read when they visit my website while i steadily work on my unique conten. please i would appreciate your advice on this

      • Adam Czajczyk
        • Support Gorilla

        Hi Paul!

        I checked the feed that you shared and that's a typical feed with no content: all it includes is a title and a short excerpt. The Autoblog plugin can take that and post to your site but it cannot actually follow up the link from the feed to grab the content from website directly.

        That's called "scrapping" and apart from posing some technical issues (possible but not that easy and surely not universal). it would also mean taking the content from other site without permission...

        The only legitimate solution here is to find sites that provide feeds that contain full articles. If a feed does include full content, all that content can be used and published by Autoblog to your site.

        Best regards,

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