RSS Feeds & Facebook integration

We are currently using the Autoblog plugin and we pull in 5 RSS Feeds as well as having our site

RSS - Forum
RSS - Support System
RSS - Store
RSS - YouTube
RSS - Facebook
(we will be adding to this later)

The Autoblog is fantastic, and has pulled in everything so far - however, there is now a WP - > FB - > WP loop happening.

All our facebook posts are now cycling to WP (which is what we want) however, they then get fed back out by our site's RSS feed, and that then gets fed back to FB. (Even using the WPMU Facebook plugin this does it, not just RSS).

I need a way to stop the looping.
I've looked at excluding categories from the RSS Feed at WP core, however that then excludes our readers from seeing posts categorised as FB posts. This wouldn't be a problem normally but we have a large number of customers that don't use FB so they would miss out on posts originating from there.

By using networked blogs some posts turn up hours later, so there isn't "post spam" however if all posts hit at once then it's a very busy & unsightly loop.

Can anyone advise what to do?
(I've looked at using a IFTTT & Zapier service recipe, as well as changing the Facebook plugin settings, as well as generating multiple RSS feeds from the site and parsing them to one, then feeding that - but we have A LOT of categories).

Please, any advise would be terrific!