rtl, translation of the plugin and chat only with the admin suuport


i have some questions:

1. my sites are in hebrew so i need them to be in RTL mode.
where can i insert css code to change the text in the chat to RTL?
also how can i transalte the login page input of name and email?

2. what is the diffrence between the page setting and site setting?

3. how can i set the chat to be only between a user and us (the site admin) withot other users in seeing the chat?

4. from what place can the site admin answer? is the a chat console?

5. can i connect the chat to a IM like google talk and skype?


support acsess is enablaed so you can see on your own.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @eli,

    #1 You can insert the CSS code into your theme style.css which should then override the plugin CSS.

    You can find the CSS in wordpress-chat/css/wpmudev-chat-style.css

    The best tool to use though would be firebug extension for firefox. You can use this to inspect the CSS used on the chat.



    Then just copy & make the changes in your theme style.css.

    You can translate the User Name, User Email & Login button text by editing the translation .po file using poedit from http://poedit.net then translating the text and saving it, then upload the .mo file to the languages folder.

    #2 Page setting and site settings are for different chat types.

    The site settings are used for the bottom corner chat which you are using.

    The page settings are when you are using chat in a page by using the [chat id="1234"] shortcode as opposed to bottom corner chat.

    #3 all chat users have to be in the chat session, once a user is in chat, you can then click on the user and invite them into a private session.

    #4 They can only respond if they are logged into the same chat session.

    #5 Unfortunately no, this does not connect to any external services.

    Hope this helps

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