Running Affiliate, Membership2 and Coursepress together

We installed Affiliate plugin on our primary site, running Coursepress. We want to have affiliates promote our course for us. We ended up not being able to style the primary theme the way we wanted and have it work well with Coursepress, so we moved Coursepress to it’s own subsite.

Then we set up the Affiliate plugin, Membership2 and Coursepress on a subsite, so we could have affiliates set up an affiliate account and promote the course, right from a single subsite.

Then we found that running Coursepress and Membership 2 together on the same subsite is virtually impossible. We had login issues and couldn’t access the proper affiliate resources for weeks, and it seemed that Membership2 and Coursepress were conflicting with each other.

So we moved Affiliate plugin to yet another subsite. Our thought was that we could run a subsite just as as affiliate portal, and affiliates would then be able to access the affiliate resources they need and promote the course. Best of all worlds.

Now we’re learning that Affiliates cannot run on a subsite and track activity on another subsite, even if it’s on the same network. So we’re kind of stuck.

Surely there’s a way to have an affiliate portal and sell an online course off the same multisite, right? Any insight into how to get these plugins to work together is much appreciated!