Running multiple MUs on a single VPS server on Lighttpd

I currently have a MU running on a VPS server on Lighttpd. Domain mapping is working great, wildcard DNS is working fine.

I now want to setup another MU on this VPS server using its own domain. So basically, for example is already running and I want to set up on another MU.

Has anyone managed this with Lighttpd? I tried it and got it 'sorta' working but ran into problems with the Domain Mapping. Anyone got any sample configs for Lighttpd to get this running?

(I've looked at multi-site manager but it doesn't look like the right solutions as I want my MUs totally separate as they are for different clients).


  • afino

    Hi DrMike,
    Thanks for the reply. Yeah we had that issue with the flash uploader but it's not a showstopper (think we worked around it or fixed it but can't remember the details - it was a while ago!).

    Anyway we're running Lighttpd v1.4.22 and the big question is how to get two MUs to play nicely on the one VPS and keep domain mapping and wildcard DNS working on both.

    If anyone has done this and could give a bit of guidance in terms of the configuration required we'd really appreciate it.


  • Aaron

    You should be able to get wildcard DNS for both, but domain mapping will only work on one WPMU install per IP, no matter what webserver you use. That is because you can only have one default virtualhost (or lighttpd equivalent) for an IP.

    If you can get your host to assign another dedicated IP to your VPS then you should be able to put your other MU install as the default for that new IP. Then DNS A records for that MU install should point to that IP. One IP per install.

  • Loggy

    Hmm - a rather old thread I know but it raises a question with me, not only because I would like to migrate from the thirsty Apache server. :slight_smile:

    I currently have two WPMU's on a single IP number but the second one hasn't been domain mapped (I just haven't got a spare domain at the moment).

    The statement that you can only have one domain-mapped WP Multisite per IP is puzzling.

    I have one at the moment and in the vhosts file it says (something like):


    and this all points to the multisites installation and works.

    So are you saying I can't, on the same IP number, have under a different WPMU installation (3.1.2):



    I can't see why that should be. The server will point any domain[1-3].com to the first one where the .htaccess rewrite rule will interpret the request and direct it to the appropriate subsite.

    domain[4-6].com will be handled similarly and independently.

    I haven't tried setting domain mapping for the second WPMU setup yet - it was a test for the first one.

    I know you can only have one port 443 (or ssl) vhost but multiple vhosts are standard and therefore the only difference must be in the .htaccess rewrite operation.

    It may be that it won't work with lighty unfortunately because it doesn't have a vhosts system (well on ubuntu/debian it is a sites-available/enabled anyway). But running .htaccess I would have thought it was OK.

  • Loggy

    The big problem with lighty is of course because .htaccess is not parsed, the equivalent coding (for anything - permalinks included) has to be inserted into the lighttpd.conf file or included somewhere and the server restarted. It could be added to an equivalent of .htaccess in a webroot directory but in some applications it may need to be in a lower directory (not in WP I think). It is how to organise this that is the problem I think.

    This means that lighty is fine for a completely stable server where the applications are not changing at all but otherwise Apache will have to do for the moment.

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