S3 images not loaded from site with Domain Mapping enabled

When domain mapping is active, background image from customizer in Divi and WordPress 2017 can't be filtered for S3 image paths. From the site http://www.mydomain.com with Domain Mapping the image replacement doesn't work. While it works for https://mydomain.com/bathroomcobra2 without Domain Mapping.

  • Huberson

    Hi Ben!
    I have setup a test with S3 plugin and connect it to a test bucket, what happen is that all images uploaded after S3 Cloudfront is actived are loaded fine both from mapped sub-sites, and the sub-directory one, but all previous uploads don't get added to S3 bucket and their aws S3 link don't work either.

    I also checked the two sub-sites of yours and both images seems loaded from S3. If you don't mind please share with us how you get this fixed, that would really help other members in the future.


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