S3 Offloading & CloudFront CDN configuration

I have been searching for a method of offloading my media (images/video/documents) to another server. This is intended to keep my overhead lower on my production web server (hosted through Cloudways) but also intended to keep cost low. Since I have AWS container through Cloudways (and they tack on their percentage) I really want to stay with AWS as a CDN provider but also to host our media.

I have found only two methods of doing this. W3TC has a CDN section which has "S3" and "CloudFront" in pull and push methods. I have selected push "S3" and have successfully configured and uploaded all media.

However when I enable the CDN, I'm not getting any images moved over. I'm sure I am doing something wrong. There is a setting for "Replace Site Hostname with". I don't have anything in that box as it appears my S3 bucket name address is already in place.

The only other option I saw to offload media/content to S3 /w CloudFront was to purchase the plugin for $199 from Delicious Brains (plugin author) website and then still pay for S3 and CloudFront.

Any help would be appreciated.