same plugin twice so I can give diferent settings in prosites

OK here is the situation I have a plugin called rename Rename wp-login.php
This works great and has stopped the bots from registering on my WP sites.
Now the question I have tree levels
basic -
Professional -
Arcade Professional - you get the arcade plugin and arcade theme.
Now the problem the arcade theme is hard coded with the login code to make rename wp-login work ( theme has non standard hooks to login so I had to hard code it ). So I need it to be auto activated to the theme works.
So on the pro sites > premium plugin menu I would pick Arcade Professional and check the auto activate.
So now the problem the basic and Professional levels will not get it.
I don't want to auto activate it for all levels because some themes do not work with it and I don't want to go through figuring out 250 themes one at a time.
So can I rename the directory of the plugin "Rename wp-login.php" and will it work for what I want to do allow the two other levels to have it. with out a problem of it sharing db tables and all.