Save the actual page donate button is on with Donate Extra plugin

I’m using the Donate Extra plugin with my multisite. Each user on the site can create multiple pages which will each contain a donate button. I need a way to distinguish which page the donation is meant for but the table shows the site url for the page and I need to have the additional part of the address to say the page (I’m using subfolders, not subdomain). I’m wondering if anyone has been able to do this. I looked at the fundraising plugin but I don’t think it will work because when the user creates a page, it needs to always have the same look (I’m going to use a page template for it) and that’s why I chose the donate extra plugin. All fundraisers will go to the same account and the company is going to disperse the funds appropriately based off what page of each site the donation is made for. I saw a place in the code for the plugin that will add in the siteurl but wasn’t sure if there is a way to bring over a variable from the page where the donate button is located that will show the page name and add it to the end of the site url.

Please let me know if this makes sense or if there is something else I need to explain to help clarify. Thanks for all your help again!