saving changes and images in upfront not happening

Hi, Every time I "swap" an image, change a text, move something around, etc. in the "upfront home of all Scribe, Spitrit and Fixer, after saving directly the element or region square, and then saving it in the left sidebar, when opening the page in another browser (not logged in) it shows the theme as it comes from the "box" with none of the changes applied...

Also, even if I save everything many times, when logging out or moving to other pages in the theme dashboard, it says taht the changes have not been saved and that i will lose all changes, which indeed happen.

I have installed, uninstalled, change order of installation, deactivate almost all plugins, try the 3 child themes, etc. and keep on having the issue.

I have activated SUpport Access as well.

Thanks in advance, Carlos