Saving Prosite settings doesn't recreate the checkout page

Saving the settings in the Prosites menu doesn't seem to want to recreate the checkout pages. also, the checkout page defaults to my home page layout, which is not what i want.

any suggestions? to I have a faulty wordpress installation? behind every corner is something that needs fixed it seems. my WHMCS provisioning is not working. was working great one nite, then poof the next morning its broken.

Trying to make good show of this, putting in the effort, but not getting the payoff as quickly as i would have expected.


Clyde pearce

  • clyde

    ok...i've taken a little drastic action here. I've rebuilt the installation with a brand server and wordpress multisite install. I added the following plugins:

    1) wpmudev dashboard
    2) wpmudev Defender
    3) Wpmudev Prosites
    4) all wmpudev themes...
    5) wpmudev Snapshot.

    I activated the spirit, created a level in pro sites, activated a payment gateway and attempted to resolve all of the hardening issues raised by Defender.

    a) Defender would not create the .htaccess is the locations it suggested, so issue unresolved.
    b) in pro sites, a new checkout page is not created when settings are saved.
    c) the checkout buttons on the wp-signup.php page do not execute.
    4) it also looks like the signup on checkout parameter is not working correctly, there is not change when i activate and deactivate those checkboxes in pro site settings.

    this is basic stuff and has nothing to do with other 3rd party plugins, because there aren't any installed.

    I am activated support access right now. please take. I would provide ftp access unless it is completely necessary to diagnose/fix the problem.

    Kindest Regards,

    Clyde Pearce

  • clyde

    Issues C and D have been resolved. This is primarily my mess up...learning that you can't adjust settings in wordpress and plugins like a cowboy and expect to get good results. my bad.

    Issue B is unresolved, but not the end of the world. checkout page is now working and really that's all anyone needs. I can style it as needed.

    Issue a) htaccess files placement by Defender. The files are actually placed in the appropriate directory, however the issue doesn't resolve in the Defender interface. no big deal.

    Appreciate everyone's help. Apologize for the frustration exhibited. I'm not really a tech person so don't know how this stuff should work.

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