Say Hello to SimpleMarket our new theme – works with and without MarketPress

Hiya folks,

Allow us to introduce you to the latest and greatest theme for MarketPress: SimpleMarket

This theme goes against the norm to provide you the most efficient and simplistic, but extremely powerful theme with no customization required! That’s right. We’ve made things simple by leaving out the complicated, cluttered (and often confusing) theme options and provided you with a theme that looks fantastic “as is”.

Check out the demo (along with our fantastic GridMarket theme) in action here:

This theme also introduces an HTML5 and responsive design. You’ll be amazed at how awesome this theme looks on any device (and more importantly your customers will as well). It’s fantastic!

Other features include:

  • Full support for Post Formats
  • Editor style support means your posts will look the same in your editor as when they’re displayed on the front-end
  • Built in MarketPress styles
  • Sleek fonts with full Google fonts integration
  • Custom header and custom background
  • Custom menu support to make menu setup as easy as possible

Grab it up now and let us know what you think in the comments below: