Scalability of Wordpress

I have a general question. We are working on a community site that will be part personal, part social where users will post content back into the site using buddypress. There is a potential for the site to generate millions of users a month, especially if we can secure a large retailer as a partner (in the works).

What is the realistic potential to use wordpress/buddypress to operating such a social netwok? I know Edublog has a lot of users and I assume they are pushing content back into the site vs just reading...but not sure if they are all on the same network either.

I like the tools, ease of use and some of the out of the box stuff of WordPress but if we know it will not scale to meet the potential down the road, should we work to change it soon to another more customized platform.

Is it about optimizing/separating the database up, etc, or ???


    Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @kriscone

    WordPress scales as much as needed, one thing you will want though if you've got that amount of users and traffic is a good host, you'll also want to have your database(s) on a separate server of the website it's self.


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    OK, so you guys think it would not have a problem with a more interactive, dynamic website with not just reading but posting of comments and photos too. the Multi DB plugin can separate the database and make it much faster? I have read that as a site gets more content, that is one thing that slows it down because it has to sift through the whole database....


    Hi @kriscone,

    To add to what @Andy42 stated regarding and how vast their site is, it's interesting to know that they are using the exact same WordPress version that you or I have available to us.




    I guess the one difference I want to point out. Our site is not necessarily about getting a lot of users create their own blog site, but more about a lot of users engaging in the same website, with their own social experience via buddypress. So the user will have an account and a buddypress home page for them, but they may be creating content (activity posts, adding images, videos, etc), all within the same website. So can the Multi-DB plugin handle this scenario where ONE site is the main traffic driver and it needs to be able to be scaled appropriately.



    It really depends on how you are going to implement the concept.
    If you are going to have all of your users only post to the main site, as authors for example, then the multi DB is not going to help.

    If you are going to have the users post to their own pages, with content feeding to and being searchable from the main web page, then it could be useful. In this scenario groups of users could be on different DBs

    Or if you organize the main web site into related but distinct sites, it could be useful
    (for example a zoo, having a site and another for and letting authors post to each and every site) In this scenario each animal site could be on its own DB

    Of course there are other ways to configure, these are a couple of examples.