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I’m hoping you can help me out. We’ve built an application for Real Estate agents to work with open data that they can synchronize with their MLS listings…

We’ve integrated everything to work with WordPress and have chosen WPMU as our main service platform. We’ve gone through many of your plugins and installed many of them… pro sites, google analytics, support system, etc.

I’m running into some trouble with scaling that platform properly under some of our staging environment tests and I wanted to pick your brain in terms of architecture and best database and server setups…

We currently have lightspeed server running on CENTOS 6.5 64 bit with WHM/CPANEL servicing our main wpmu domain.

Current Server Specs:

12 GHZ dedicated CPU

4096 MB RAM

75 GB San Storage

I’ve played around with using external or remote MYSQL database servers before, but I’m wondering if you have a go-to guide or a place or service provider that I might be able to do some digging and experiment with some of the best options and practices to scale this correctly.

We have several other servers and are on an auto-scaling cloud platform to scale as needs arise… but i guess specifically I’m the most concerned about cpu loads on the main wordpress server especially as we ad new clients.

If you could maybe tell me:

1. How I should calculate server resource usage for expansion in wpmu.

2. if it’s worth getting an external/remote db for wordpress mu install, and what provider, or system I should look at.

3. Best CDN setup… have used both cloudfront and Max CDN before..

I guess it’s a broad topic but if we start there hopefully I’ll be able to save some time and headache based off your experience.

Thanks for your help in advance!

  • Ivan
    • HummingBird

    Hey Ryan,

    Hope you are having a great weekend so far!

    Actually we have an article on our blog regarding the scaling of Edublogs – when the article was written they had 500 000 blogs, now they are few more. :slight_smile: You can find it here.

    #1 – For the testing you can you use Unix CLI program called AB(apache benchmark) – it is available for Linux and Mac OS/BSD. Check this tutorial.

    Another tool that you could use is called siege. You can check a tutorial about it here.

    Yet another way is to use web site based testing like – I like this the most.

    Keep in mind that these are very-straight forward test that will test just one page/scenario from your site – and this is not what happens in real life, but still you can get some good predictions from them.

    #2 – It’s worth it, depending on how many users/blog you have. Also it’s worth using SSD’s if you plan going big.

    #3 – Honestly I don’t have much experience on the topic. From where you visitors will be – all the world or specific continent?

    Let me know if this helps.



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