Schedule a SMUSH!

Hello. I dont know if this feature is currently implemented into WP SMUSH PRO, which by the way is an insane(ly) good plugin.

But is there a way to differ smushing, maybe on a schedule? The reason i ask, sometimes when i am inserting media into a page or post, i add the media on the fly. Now i love the ability to have images smushed on upload but the fact of the matter is that when i am inserting on the fly, i have to wait for them to smush, and therefore there is a delay until i can get back to work.

Now you might ask that why dont i just smush them later, but the thing is, at a later time i dont really remember that i have to smush.

So it would really be awesome if there could be a scheduled smush at say 4.00am in the morning when the website is not in use, and when im not working. Would really speed up the workflow.

Let me know if you guys experience the same issue when uploading and smushing on the fly