Schedule Content plugin not posting at assigned times

Hello Geniuses,

I installed this plugin on a website that is running interviews every day this week:

WordPress settings are on New York/EST.
All audios on this page are configured to post at 12noon EST, 1pm EST, 2pm EST, 3pm EST and I have them set to wptime="true".

This was working fine on the first interview and the second, but people on PST were seeing that the second and third audios were showing a
countdown of 3 hours later than the time they were supposed to air. I
noticed this after refreshing my laptop. I tested by changing it to EST and everything played as it should, but when I changed my laptop back to
Mountain Time where I am, and even PST to test, it then showed me the same
3 hour difference. If the audios are set to open up at 12noon EST then that
means someone on PST should be able to start watching them at 9am PST their
time. Hope that's enough info for you to help me resolve this before
tomorrow morning US time.

There were over 230 people looking at this page throughout the day.

Thank you!