Schedule doesn't start at fixed date in 2014

I installed the plugin and did he settings. The purpose is to let people subscribe to a 15-minute lecture in the week from 16 to 22 february 2014. It is a 'Bible Marathon', where the whole Bible will be read in one week by several subscribers.
So I did a set-up with 1 service and 1 service provider and let a page generated. On that page I changed the shortcode to [app_schedule long="1" date="2014/02/16"] and in the general settings of Wordpress I have set the format to yyyy/mm/dd.
The working hours for the service provider 'Bijbelmarathon'I have set to sunday 14-22, monday to thursday 8-22, friday 8-00 and saturday 00-16.
BUT... the page let me see a week schedule for the current week, not for that in 2014. And the working hours are not correct.
Please take a look at to see how it looks. I did not yet other customizing, first let it work.
Greetings from the Netherlands,
Jaap Kolenberg