Scheduled automatic newsletters with eNewsletter

I love to see this here, but am wondering if it’s still too limited. Perhaps I haven’t found how to make some of this work.

Is it capable of scheduling regular newsletters based on blog entries? For instance, could I set it up to automatically send any entries (or specific categories) every morning at 9am in the form of a daily newsletter?

Can I set it up to send only excerpts? How about excerpts from certain categories but the whole article for others (like a featured article perhaps)?

Can it set up weekly summaries, with excerpts from all the week’s entries?

With all of the above in mind, can it include all, or specific, blogs from a muliti-domain or multi-site network?

If it can do these, great! Really, I did try to figure it out, and read the instructions. :slight_smile: If not, these features would bring this right up on par with some of the best newsletter services, yet maintain the convenience of keeping it in my WPMU cockpit.


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    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    Currently it does not have the ability to send newsletters created from posts and with other options you mentioned in your post.

    I have however sent a note to our lead developer to see if it can make a list of good features for future release of a plugin.



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    Hey @Nitrous Cloud

    This is very advanced list of features:slight_smile: Currently i am planning to add “trigger” system that could solve some of your problems but i am not sure when i will be able to finish it.

    Currently you can only schedule to send at specific time once and use shortcodes to get post content



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    Thanks PC & Manu,

    We use these features with our current newsletter service, so that’s what it would take for us to be able to switch over. I realize there are pretty robust features, but necessary for a regular newsletter service.

    I know, you can’t start out at the top. Here’s to looking forward to getting there… :slight_smile:


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    Hey Guys,

    +1 from me for the Autoresponder built-in to E-newsletter.

    Also would love compatibility with Ultimate Tinymce as I need the features in there for a client to create elements like tables and things and quick access to the shortcodes of all plugins and theme being used.

    I know my other clients will appreciate it too once I get around to replacing their plugins with WPMU ones.

    Thanks Guys!!! Big smiley :slight_smile:


  • TiffanyL
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    Hey thanks a million PC,

    Love to be of help if I can. I’m certainly no expert but every little bit counts as I’ve figured out over the past few years. Everyone’s ideas help solve a problem and it just makes it that much easier to figure it all out.

    Take it easy now ya hear!


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