Scheduled Posts and auto-post to Facebook

So, playing with this plugin, and I thought I had it all working well. Make a post to WordPress, and the post shows up on my Facebook page, with a clip of the content, as well as the first picture from the post. Perfect.

Until I scheduled a post… instead of the content on Facebook, I am getting the post title (with hyperlink working properly), no picture, and in place of the description just the word “false”.

This happened 6 times this morning… every scheduled post came up with this result.

I have checked the page source for the original posts, and all the og: tags are there in the proper format with the proper content… just seems that the plugin didn’t pass this information on to Facebook when it was time to publish. We are also not using the custom meta setting… just basic WordPress post editor.

Any ideas? I’ve got nothing in the error log (it says it’s empty). And again, it works fine when manually publishing the post. It only displays a “false” on Facebook when the post is scheduled.

I do have “Do not allow individual posts to Facebook” enabled… from what I read, all that does is hide the custom facebook meta box… did I misunderstand, and this is the cause of the problem?