Scheduled posts and manual posting to FB


I’m running a multisite wordpress install (latest version of WP and Ultimate facebook at the time of writing).

A few of the blogs are allowed to manually decide wether or not a post should be autoposted to FB or not. To enable this, I have checked the following boxes in the autopost settings:

* Allow autoposting new posts to Facebook: CHECKED

* Allow users to skip autopost: CHECKED

* Do not allow individual posts to Facebook: UNCHECKED

If the user creates a new post, disabled the autopost checkbox and publishes the post, everything works as expected. However, when a user disables the autopost, and then SCHEDULES the new post, the post will always be submitted to FB regardless of the autopost setting for that particular post.

This seems like a bug and I hope someone can help me solve it! I have granted access to my environment so you can take a look. Please note that this is a production environment!