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My client starts his day at 7:30.
So I need to set the time base value at 30 minutes. My client service last 1 hour. The problem is that now people are able to reserve 1 hour starting at 8:00 (making my client loose half an hour). How can we configure it so that only the 7:30,8:30,9:30, etc. are available ?

Thanks for helping

  • Charlie Pryor

    Hi eborrelli,

    Can you list a few of your settings here for me so I can check them out and see if they are set correctly for your needs?

    Specifically, can you tell me what you have for a business start time in the "Working Hours" tab? Also the work time for the specific person that needs that scheduled like that?

    Then, tell me what you've got listed in the "Service Providers" area for "Duration". I know you said you have a base time of 30 minutes in the General settings... what about the for service provider specifically?

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member.


  • eborrelli

    Thank you for your responses, I think I did not explain myself correctly. (I,m french so my english is not perfect)

    Here is a link to the page with my problem :

    Click on next week (semaine prochaine)

    Look at the Wednesday (Mercredi) The problem is that people are able to book the service at 8:00 so my client will loose half an hour because she's starting at 7:30. What I need is a way to create 1 hour slots but starting at 7:30 (7:30 to 8:30, 8:30 to 9:30, etc.). I don't want the people to be able to book at 8:00, 9:00 because my client will loose time in her day. I need 1 hour slot but since she's starting at 7:30 I have to put TIME BASE at 30 min.

    My settings are :
    The working hours are exactly the same has in the link above
    The duration of the service is 1 hour

  • pxwm


    Unfortunately this isn't an 'out the box' feature.

    However there is a possible bespoke solution and I've provided links to two posts.

    You may wish to read the 1st post which actual links to the proposed solution in the 2nd post.

    Hope this helps


  • aecnu

    Greetings eborrelli,

    Thank you for the additional input and for posting the link to the page as well.

    Unfortunately I got a 404 error when visiting it today.

    At this point it would be a good thing to ask if this is resolved? Or one or both of SteveB's suggestions worked? Or?

    Let us know how it is going and look forward to hearing form you in any event.

    Cheers, Joe

  • eborrelli

    Hi Joe,

    Thank you for your answer
    No the issue is not resolve and I'm a bit disappointed.
    Now my client decided to go with an online service to manage the booking
    I'm frustrated because I bought this extension to manage a very simple schedule
    To me it makes no sense to be unable to do a schedule like this one :



    The problem is that I need time base to be 1 hour but if I do that i'm unable to schedule at let's say 8h30

    Is it possible to get a refund because to me this extension is useless ?

  • pxwm


    If I have understood your requirement correctly and it's not too late you may wish to consider the following:-

    Create a Wordpress user profile for one 'real' service provider and then 5 x 'dummy' service providers
    Lets call them:-
    'real' service provider = SP1
    1st 'dummy' service provider = SP2
    2nd 'dummy service provider = SP3 etc

    In the 'General' tab
    Set the period to 30 mins
    scroll down to field 'Assign dummy service providers to' and set to SP1

    In the 'Services' tab

    Then create a Service for each timeslot with duration of 60 mins and capacity of 1 if only one appointment can be made for each timeslot at any one time

    e.g. Service1 - 08h30 - 09h30, Service2 - 09h30 - 10h30 etc for all 6 x timeslots

    In the 'Service Provider' tab
    Assign one service to each service provider
    Select the 'dummy' checkbox for ALL 5 x 'dummy' service providers but NOT the 'real' service provider

    e.g. 'real' SP1 assigned to Service1 - 08h30 - 09h30, 'dummy1' SP2 - 09h30 - 10h30 etc for all 6 x timeslots

    In the 'Working Hours'

    Set the working hours for each service provider per day as follows:-

    Note: Set the 'No Preference' to 'No' Working Hours so appointments can only be made against a specific service provider

    1. 'Real' service provider (SP1) is available 8h30-9h30 for each day they are available and set the dropdown field called 'Work' to 'Yes'
    2. 1st 'dummy' service provider (SP2) is available 9h30-10h30 for each day they are available and set the dropdown field called 'Work' to 'Yes'
    3. 2nd 'dummy' service provider (SP3) is available 10h30-11h30 for each day they are available and set the dropdown field called 'Work' to 'Yes'
    4. 3rd 'dummy' service provider (SP4) is available 13h00-14h00 for each day they are available and set the dropdown field called 'Work' to 'Yes'
    5. 4th 'dummy' service provider (SP5) is available 14h00-15h00 for each day they are available and set the dropdown field called 'Work' to 'Yes'
    6. 5th 'dummy' service provider (SP6) is available 15h00-16h00 for each day they are available and set the dropdown field called 'Work' to 'Yes'

    This should then allow end users to make an appointment per 60min slot.

    ie. If you have set as above then if an end user selects a service say Service1 - 08h30 - 09h30 this will automatically show SP1 and if you have auto-refresh shortcode in the appointments page then this will automatically show the calendar availabilty for SP1 with the timeslot 08h30
    Please Note: This method will only show the start time and a block of 30mins as the period is set at 30mins.

    Hope this helps

  • aecnu

    Greetings eborrelli,

    We have not heard back from you as to the status of this issue.

    If you are still having an issue please let us know so that we may try to get you fixed up as soon as possible by choosing to check mark this ticket as unresolved below and posting any new errors or symptoms you are noticing.

    This action will also bring your ticket up front back in plain view again within the ticket system.

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe

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