Scheduling Recurring RSS Feeds Does Not Work

Hi there ,

I seem to be having issues with this plugin. When setting up a feed, at the bottom of the feed settings it will ask how frequent the Feed to be processed. My goal and was under the impression I could schedule these feeds to be recurring. Monthly for example. I also notice that when I try to set this up to have recurring processed feeds, after the feed is processed in my "All Feeds" page you will see where it says "Next Check" it shows a time of when the last time I processed the feed. Please help. Thanks!

  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi there,

    You can select when you process feeds, but I think the maximum interval is a day. Perhaps that can be lengthened, but maybe it's not necessary. You can just leave it at a day and when it checks the feed, if there's nothing new, it won't do anything until the next day when it checks again. Will that be ok?

    As for the next check business, did you alter some of the code? What you are seeing isn't the default behavior. Perhaps uninstalling and reinstalling could take care of this. But it's also possible that there's something entered in the database giving this odd reading. For now, try reinstalling and let us know how it goes.


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  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    As this is an old thread, many updates have been done since.

    To ensure we have the full issue from you, please open your own support thread here:

    Please include details about the issue, screenshots of your settings, the RSS feeds you're using, etc.

    This ensures that if the member comes back to their thread here, it won't confuse matters or hinder support for their thread.


  • Timothy Bowers

    Ya, also someone elses thread you hijacked there. Why not create your own thread?

    I'm not trying to be funny honestly, I know you find my post unhelpful, and that's fine, but really I'm trying to ensure you get the best support by not jumping on other members threads.

    When a member starts their own thread, they default to getting notifications of new responses (unless they uncheck the subscribe option). So every response here will likely get emailed to them. If our discussion gets lengthy whilst we look into your issues this could annoy them. I'm sure you would agree for this reason alone it's best to have your own thread? I'm sure you wouldn't like to be inundated with another members posts for?

    Lots of voices in a single thread causes confusion where we take into account other members issues, confuse your debugging with theirs, plus some of the stuff here or in the other thread you jumped on may not even be relevant to your issue, the confusion can then cause you frustration.

    This thread is 3 months old, although the issue may seem closely related doesn't mean it actually is (it could be as well). We've released a number of new releases since then, the code has changed.

    To give you an analogy, you could have a nice new BMW 318 car, it's broken down and the issue is likened to that of a 1999 BMW 318 but the mechanics are vastly different, so although it looks similar the tech is has evolved so much it turns out to be a digital fault, not mechanical. I've had this kind of experience, and I swore it was the same issue.

    Anyway, as I said, my concern is with getting you the support you need.

    Take care and have a great weekend, it's almost here.

  • Timothy Bowers

    @ Drew (Original poster), Sorry about your thread getting hijacked and the extra mail you're getting, you may wish to unsubscribe to your thread here to ensure you don't receive tons more emails due to Kyle's posts. Please accept my apologies if our discussion is filling your inbox. You can use the unsubscribe link direct from this thread whilst logged in.

    Again please accept my apologies for all the extra mails caused. If you wish to recreate another thread to avoid confusion then please do. :slight_smile:

    @ Kyle, But that's not going to help when you need help in the future, is it. Gees, honestly I'm just trying to ensure you use the best method to get the best support possible. I see you're not bothered about all the new post notifications going to the original thread starter here either. :disappointed:

    You have already hit two threads on the same issue. If I start advising here and Tom advises over there, it will cause confusion, we have different approaches to certain things and trying all those multiple things at once could conflict and end up in further frustration.

    It's happened in the past, I guess you don't see the importance of have your own dedicated thread where a single person handles your issues to ensure there is not information that appears to conflict or contradict.

    But ok, sure, lets do this then as you wish. :slight_smile:

    Please provide full screenshots here in this thread of your whole set up, all settings. That will help as we continue to debug this.

    As your issue is exactly the same, I presume the screenshots up there are also replicas of your settings. Can you turn Force SSL off please. Unless the URL actually requires that?

    Also post some RSS links your using?

    Your using the post type "Posts" right?

    Please disable all plugins and revert to default WordPress theme whilst we test for conflicts. If it's a production site, then you need to set up a sandbox site aka staging site. That's where your main tests should happen.

    And when you manually process the feed, what happens?

    Have you ran your RSS feed through any kind of validation tests? What's the results?

    The other question Paul asked here is also applicable, please:

    As for the next check business, did you alter some of the code?

    Or was it a vanilla install?

    What version of WordPress are you using?

    What version of our plugin are you using.

    Is this a new WP install?

    I see the original poster was using Multisite (we record this internally when the thread is started from the dash), so you are as well then? You're on the same PHP version as well?

    Is it a sub folder or sub domain install?

    Thanks for all the info, this should help with debugging some of this issue. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

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