Scholar: 4 lines of navigation problem: how to eliminate all but the top one?


Well, I've moved from Studio to Scholar, in hopes that I can change Scholar's colors in more paces - but I've run into problem with the navigation bar:

1. there are four lines of navigation, 2 of which are under the navigation bar. why, I don't know.
2. I only need one navigation bar and would like to use a Custom Menu: how do I do that?


  • tokyoterri
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    to help diagnose the problem: as you can see from these screenshots, for some reason:
    1. All of the pages I've made so far have navigation buttons.
    2. There are navigation buttons below the navigation bar
    3. Once the 'below the bar' problem is fixed, I still want to have specific Custom Menus here: rather than the default. how do I do that. Is the only way to do that to create parent and child pages and set the order in the pages themselves?

  • Philip John
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    When I look at your site I see only one navigation bar. It covers two "lines" because there are so many items in it, that wrap onto the next line.

    It also adds BuddyPress items automatically so if you want to have it purely based on a custom menu you'll need to use a child theme and edit the relevant file to remove the current navigation and replace with just a custom nav.


  • tokyoterri
    • New Recruit

    Hi Phil:

    I'm using bp-scholar child.

    I took the whole bp-scholar styles folder, copied it into bp-scholar child and made the changes I needed in red.css and its images. I just changed the header background to white.

    I was able to figure that out, but I don't see which file to use to change the navigation: is it a buddy press file? what is the code I need to take out and put in?

    Specifically, I want to remove these buttons in the main navigation, because people who are logged in can simply use the admin bar to reach these same areas, so the main navigation should just have:
    About Membership
    About us (with the drop down pages)
    Events (with the drop down pages)
    Strategic Partners

    What should I do to do that?


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