Scholar Problems

Please forgive the long message. I bought and installed Scholar 3 days ago. My tickets won’t submit and I can’t seem to find answers on your site to my scholar problems. Please direct me to where I can get help. My immediate priority is to get 3 columns on my home page working.

I would like my site to consist of either three column pages or right sidebar pages with the home page being a three column page.

1. 3 column left bar is not where it should be.

2. The default pages such as categories are not listed in the admin area so that I can change the template to right sidebar instead of left.

3. There is no left sidebar template in case I need to fall back on using it

4. Widgets do not show in directories such as member directory sidebar.

5. The theme is retaining old information that was changed. (I did not consciously install caching)

6. When I try to edit theme options the site crashes and when I try to access it I get a single message “error”. It comes back after approximately half an hour.

7. Since installing scholar the site crashes constantly and is frequently unavailable.

I like the scholar theme and would like to use it but I must confess that I am getting frustrated.

I would truly appreciate help soon. I need to shorten down time on the site.