Scholar Theme: default-sidebar widget placement problem in groups


There's an interesting problem with the default-sidebar showing up following the main body of content but prior to the footer whenever there is a new plugin added to enhance group functionality. Essentially, when you're in a group within the Scholar theme, as long as you stay on the standard Buddypress generated areas, such as "Activity" or "Forums," once the content relative to that subject ends the footer begins, as it should. However, if you add a plugin to enhance group functionality, such as WPMU Dev's Buddypress Calendar plugin, what happens is that following the generated content, the default-sidebar shows up. So essentially you have the sidebar and then a vast area of space running alongside it until you get to the footer.

Is there an easy way to remove the php from each of these plugins so as to not call in the default-sidebar into this space? Or alternatively, is there another easy fix?

I've included a link of a video screencast to illustrate exactly what I'm talking about:


Thanks for any help in advance!