Scholar Theme Home Page - Latest News from User Blogs?

On the home page of Scholar Theme, I'd like to highlight the latest posts from the user blogs. (There will be very few blog posts in the main blog -- all the real activity will be within the user blogs)

To accomplish this, so far, I've installed the autoblog plugin, created a category "internal feed" to post these user blog posts to, and subscribed to the current user blogs using the autoblog plugin. Then, I set the "latest activity" to display posts in the "internal feed" category.

This works for me - partly.

I was hoping that the autoblog plugin would allow me options to "copy the full article" (like it does), *or* "copy an excerpt or first X lines, and link to the original article".

So, that's what I'm trying to accomplish.

I don't want to copy the entire article from user blogs, rather, I want to display a little of their content, with all links back to the original article, on the user blog.

I'm assuming that I must use this process of pulling in a feed into a category, as I've read other forum posts suggesting that pulling user blog posts directly into this feed is not possible.