Scholar theme: How to remove Post Dates?


My posts are not date sensitive, so how do I remove the dates?

I see there is a plugin for this, but I'm hoping there is a way to change the theme and not add code.


  • crazycoolcam
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I would look in your code at the css class for the date area you would like removed then apply the css style: "display:none;"

    This will clear them up from showing to everyone except the minority that dig into the code.

    If this sounds like greek, include a link to your site and we can help you out with more details.


  • Mason
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    Cam's suggestion above is the easiest way to get this done. You could use a plugin like jet pack or "my custom css" to add your own CSS. In either of these plugins just add the following:
    .meta-date { display:none; }

    The other way to do it would involve creating a child theme. removing the function that calls the post meta and replacing it with your own which you'd then need to define in the functions.php file.

    Like I said, Cam's is easiest :slight_smile:

  • tishimself
    • Syntax Hero


    I added this to my child.css:

    .meta-date{display: none;}
    .meta-author{display: none;}
    .meta-tag{display: none;}
    .meta-category{display: none;}
    .meta-comments{display: none;}
    .post-meta-data{display: none;}

    Does not seem to be doing anything. Cleared cache too.


  • crazycoolcam
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    You might need to add !important to your rules depending on when they are being added in the chain.

    Your new rule set would look like:

    .meta-date{display: none !important;}
    .meta-author{display: none !important;}
    .meta-tag{display: none !important;}
    .meta-category{display: none !important;}
    .meta-comments{display: none !important;}
    .post-meta-data{display: none !important;}

    I also imagine you have looked at the source code to verify that are indeed the classes of the items you want removed.

    If the above doesn't work, then you'll need to add a parent's ID in front of of each of the rules to help it take precedence.


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